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Will Drew vote for Cheryl? E! Online Exclusive! [12 May 2009|03:38pm]

Check out these articles I found @ E! Online



What do you guys think?
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Finally, some GOOD Drew News... [29 Mar 2008|05:06pm]

Drew goes Racing...Collapse )

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New Drewlet pics... [20 Jan 2008|08:23pm]

Courtesy of my friend Suzie Q who found them on WireImage

Drew is a little SAUCED here...Collapse )

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A couple pictures [23 Oct 2007|01:42pm]

Here are two stills from the DWTS official site of Drew and Cheryl's performance last Tuesday! They are pretty. :) Enjoy!

Behold the dream teamCollapse )
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Drew wall [18 Oct 2007|07:33pm]

My current desktop, made by me.

^^Click for full size^^

It's 800 x 600, so on a 1024 x 768, it'll look good centered.

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Lachey Icons [17 Oct 2007|07:10pm]

Didn't post these here either. :-/

Image Credit to musiclover03
14th Annual Race to Erase MS Themed "Dance to Erase MS"
April 13, 2007 - Hyatt Regency Century Plaza
Century City, California United States


More behind here...Collapse )
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Drew and Cheryl! [16 Oct 2007|10:35pm]

They danced tonight during the DWTS results show! They were oozing chemistry, as usual. Hopefully ABC will have some stills and YouTube will have the clip in the next couple days. It was a sort of a melange of their dances - brought back a ton of memories (good ones). If you watch, you can see moves from their Week 3 Jive, their Foxtrot, their Freestyle, the group Viennese Waltz, their Rumba, and their Quickstep. Maybe even more! I think they were asked pretty last minute to put this together, but it blended beautifully all the same. A definite reminder of why they're champions. ♥

This was Cheryl's blog entry, alerting us:

Guess what everyone?
I’ll be back on Tuesday evening’s Result show performing with my 1st Dancing with the Stars Champion and very dear friend, Drew Lachey.
And, we will be fox trotting to a legendary singer you all know very well…

Tune in on Tuesday night on ABC network---- see you there (and you can sit back and enjoy—there’s no voting this time!!)

Gotta run now.

Definitely miss Drew as co-host. :(
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FYI [27 Sep 2007|03:59pm]

Drew has been substituting as host for Samantha Harris on DWTS 5 this season! He's adorable, so tune in while you can... before Sam gets back. :P There was a funny moment between him and Cheryl on Tuesday night when she claimed that Wayne Newton's probably "the best partner I ever had." Drew's reaction was pretty priceless and she made up for it by giving him a hug from behind when he turned back to the camera. <3

And also it appears Drew's hosting abilities will be mined for all their worth:

Associated Press

LOS ANGELES (Aug. 31) - "Dancing with the Stars" champion Drew Lachey is moving to the role of host for another talent contest, "Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann."

Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba, judges for ABC's "Dancing with the Stars," will be featured in the six-week series airing later this season, the network announced.

Open auditions will be held this month in New York, Nashville and the Los Angeles area for amateur performers who can dance and sing. The contestants will work with Tonioli and Inaba to form "the ultimate dance team," with viewers picking the winning group, ABC said Thursday.

Former 98 Degrees member Lachey was the second-season winner on "Dancing with the Stars," which returns Sept. 24 with celebrities including billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, welterweight boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Marie Osmond.
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Renovations [11 Apr 2007|02:43pm]

As soon as my Spring classes end in May, I will be revamping this community and shaking it up so the updates are more prevalent and the information current. :) I apologize for that lack of consistency that my workload has brought, but we'll see if we can do something about that this summer. For now, keep the Drew love alive (and the appreciation for all things Drew/Cheryl.)

I hope everyone was able to see Drew's 'surprise' appearance last night on the DWTS results show! He looked incredible and it is instantly apparent why D/C won Season 2. Chemistry? In spades. Talent? In spades.
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A Video I Made of Drew & Cheryl... [15 Jan 2007|12:18am]

I made a video of Drew & Cheryl not long ago and I loved how it turned out. I'm in the proccess of making another one but I'll post the one I have up now:

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Mini-pic spam [07 Dec 2006|08:04pm]

Just surfing the web for pics for another project and found these pics of Drew.

Pic spam!Collapse )

If these need to be credited to the site I found them at, just shout. I'll refind them.

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To quote jtwvl... [15 Nov 2006|09:39pm]

To quote jtwvl...

"Our girl" won! Cheryl is champion of DWTS for a second season!!

And let's say it one last time....


I think that "Our Girl" should be Cheryl's nickname from now on...in the community, at least! =)
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A Little Bit OT... [25 Oct 2006|05:03pm]

I'm a part of a fiction challenge called misc_fic_chall, and we need more writers/voters. It's really fun and challenging - you get a different prompt each week, and you have to write your story based on that (ex: one prompt was moonlight, tango, and photograph). You can write FanFiction or Original Fiction.

Hope to see you there! =)

PS: I'm writing a DWTS fic, but it's pure tabloid trash. =O
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Dancin' Drew strikes again! [20 Oct 2006|02:54am]

Excerpt from 'Dish of Salt':

Also I can tell you that they are planning a "Dancing With The Stars" tour. Yes, you'll soon see your favorites getting jiggy with it. I thought they would do small venues. Uh, nope, they think they will sell out LA's Staples Center. Now that's confidence. I know first-hand that last year's champ Drew Lachey has agreed to put on his dancing shoes again. He'll reteam with Cheryl Burke -- right after she takes home another cheesy trophy. Yes, that's my prediction. I think Mario's Latin lover ways may just catch up with him. Can we say 'implosion'! That's all I'm sayin'.

Full story HERE

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Drew to appear on Celebrity Jeopardy [28 Sep 2006|08:40pm]
TV talker tests her trivia knowledge.
She's already got the hottest new talk show on television. Now RACHAEL RAY is looking to heat things up in the game show world -- not as a host, but as a contestant.

Rachael is among the many famous faces that will compete in the latest installment of "Celebrity Jeopardy!"

The two-week competition will be taped at Radio City Music Hall in New York from October 5-8 and will be hosted by ALEX TREBEK. It will begin airing November 8.

Some of the stars looking to match wits with Rachael -- and earn money for their favorite charities in the process -- include REGIS PHILBIN, JAMES DENTON, JANE KACZMAREK, CHRISTOPHER MELONI, NEIL PATRICK HARRIS, MARTIN SHORT, Boston Red Sox pitcher CURT SCHILLING, CNN's NANCY GRACE, fashion designer ISAAC MIZRAHI and DREW LACHEY -- last season's "Dancing with the Stars" champ.
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Cheryl's partner for DWTS 3 [14 Aug 2006|01:31pm]

Our girl's partner this season is gonna be football player, Emmitt Smith!
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Cheryl is Nominated!!! [25 Jul 2006|01:13pm]

Cheryl Burke receives 2 EMMY NOMINATIONS

Outstanding Choreography

(Freestyle Dance Routine to "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy")

Outstanding Art Direction For A Variety, Music Program, Or Special

(Paso Doble Routine to "Thriller")

Dancing With The Stars Season 2 is nominated for

Outstanding Reality-Competition Program

58th Annual Creative Arts Emmy Awards Saturday, August 19

Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles

Telecast to air on E!
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It's Official...Champion Cheryl Burke returns to Dancing With the Stars Season... [24 Jul 2006|10:25am]

Thank you for your continued support of Cheryl Burke, professional ballroom dancer!

Please join Cheryl and her celebrity partner (to be announced soon!) on Dancing With The Stars
this September on the ABC network.

Keep on dancing!
Visit Cheryl Burke at www.strictlycheryl.com


When I got that e-mail, you can be pretty sure how much I FREAKED out! (I also saw a commercial for the new season of DWTS yesterday) Cheryl's coming back!!! But it won't be the same without Drew...they had an amazing partnership.

Also (a little off topic), Miss Universe was on last night. Nancy O'Dell and Carson Kressley were there, but Drew wasn't. =( It wasn't half as fun without Drew.
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[29 Jun 2006|03:19pm]

Anyone interested in buying an autographed 98º "Invisible Man" single?
I got it signed by the boys in 1998 or so (I'm from Cincinnati) & I've been holding onto it, but recently ran into some financial problems.
ixsavedxlatin@gmail.com if you're interested.
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Become Drew's Next Dance Partner [10 Jun 2006|08:40am]
Bidding Begins for Drew Lachey's Next Dance Partner; Dancing Champ Seeks Partner at Extra Long Dance-a-Thon Charity Event NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 9, 2006--After claiming victory on one of the country's most talked-about dancing programs in decades, Drew Lachey is auctioning off a day long dance as part of Wrigley's Extra Long Dance-a-Thon, a fundraiser for the American Ballroom Theater's "Dancing Classrooms" program that helps bring performing arts curriculum into the public school system.
Read more...Collapse )
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